Above Ground Pool Designs

Above ground swimming pools have risen in popularity. They provide an affordable option for many families who wish to reap the fun benefits of owning a pool. Whether it is taking an early morning swim, floating on a raft or playing a game of volleyball, an above ground pool is a great way to have fun on a beautiful summer day.

Above ground swimming pools are most often rectangular, oval or circular in shape and they can have many different wall heights with varying degree of depth. Obtrusive above ground swimming pools are things of the past as manufacturers now offer pools in subtle colors and patterns that better suit modern backyards. You can find above ground pools in blue, gray, and even white.

Most above ground pools feature metal or plastic ladders for easy access and many ladders are offered in different colors and sizes to better complement the pool's aesthetic appeal.

For greater function and enjoyment many choose to attach a deck either partially or entirely around the pool. Decks constructed of wood or aluminum are popular and can be purchased or painted to match the pool's frame. The deck can enhance the pool's visual appeal as well as provide a place to read and relax while offering a better view for those monitoring swimming activities.

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