Automatic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners take the work out of summer

Swimming is fun, but cleaning the pool sure isn't. With the introduction of automatic pool cleaners, this otherwise tough job is now made simpler. They do an excellent cleaning job and make algae growth less likely. Cleaning your pool regularly will help keep organic contaminants from accumulating, stop algae from developing, prevent scale from building up on pool surfaces and reduce chemical costs at the same time. A good rule of thumb is to clean your pool once or twice a week, maybe more during warm spells and high activity.

Automatic pool cleaners are widely used these days to help with swimming pool maintenance. Pool cleaners are made differently for above ground pools and inground pools, but you can find cleaners that are fully automatic and ones that are manual for both types of pool.

Suction side cleaners are attached to a hose and work with the power of the filter pump, thereby creating suction from underneath. This type of automatic pool cleaner is connected to the skimmer of the pool, and dirt and debris collected from the pool is deposited directly into your filtration system. Suction side pool cleaners are very easy to use, and they have an advantage over pressure side pool cleaners in that there is very little adjustment or additional parts needed.

It is not recommended to coil the cleaner's hoses up for storage as this will result in damage to the cleaner. The cleaner will also reduce in speed when the hose has undergone wear and tear such as having splits or holes.

Robotic pool cleaners, like those made by Polaris, Dolphin, or Tiger Shark, use vacuums and brushes that operate without supervision or the aid of human labor, which makes them attractive to a lot of pool owners. Robotic pool cleaners are basically computer- and remote-controlled self-contained vacuum cleaners for your pool that can handle any size and most shapes of pool. These swimming pool cleaners are programmed to randomly cover and vacuum the entire pool floor and walls. They normally slide on the bottom of the pool's floor to clean, although some may skim on the surface. Robotic pool vacuums are one of the best when it comes to small debris and sand or silt situations. They continually clean your pool throughout the day. Robotic pool cleaners are one of the best time-saving devices for people who have a pool to lounge by, and not be chained to.

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