Bathing Suits

Swimsuits are everyone's must-have summer accessory. Whether taking a dip in your pool, relaxing at the beach or barbecuing with friends, there is a suitable swimsuit for every body and personality type.

Women's bathing suits can be one or two piece. They range from the ones that conceal and cover to the more skimpy versions that reveal more. Swimsuits can be found in solid colors, stripes, animal prints, polka dots or floral patterns. Common fabrics used to make bathing suits are nylon, spandex, lycra and polyester.

One-piece bathing suits can expose most of your back but for the more conservative look there are ones that only partially reveal your upper back.

Bikinis can have strings that ties around your neck and back or you can find ones with thicker shoulder straps that buckle in the back.

Tankinis are a two-piece suit with baggy or tight short bottom. The top half of a tankini goes almost below the belly button resembling a tank top.

Two piece bathing suits can have baggy or tight tops and bottoms. The bottom piece can be short or skirt styles. The tops can feature thick or spaghetti straps or even strapless.

Men's bathing suits range from the skimpy and short ones to the looser boxers that go down almost to the knee. There are many colors available in the boxer short styles that often have elastic waists and sometimes feature draw strings.

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