Pool Umbrellas

Beach umbrellas are ideal to take to the beach or to keep handy by your pool. They provide much needed shade and shelter on a blistering day and protect you from the sun and heat.

You will be amazed at the numerous options available in beach umbrellas. For extra protection and convenience there are umbrellas that tilt or bend to ensure you are properly protected from the sun. Some have adjustable heights. Beach umbrellas that come in a corresponding bag offer great convenience.

Umbrella poles can be made of aluminum and wood. Some beach umbrellas fit in the sand while others can be fastened to chairs, tables or lounges. Beach umbrellas can be made of polyester or, vinyl.

Beach cabanas are also popular and are similar to a tent although some only have a roof and four poles while others have fully enclosed walls and you enter into them through a zipper door.

Umbrella anchors or stands may be needed for some umbrellas if you want the option of using them on grass or harder surfaces. The umbrella simply sits into the portable anchor that is normally kept in place by a large screw that is put in the sand or grass. Some portable umbrella anchors even have small tables for extra convenience.

Some umbrellas have an SPF rating so that you know exactly how much protection it will provide you from the sun.

Prices for a beach umbrella will start at around $30.

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