Bromine is a chemical alternative to chlorine that is also effective at sanitizing and oxidizing pool water. It is commonly used in hot tubs, spas and indoor pools.

Bromine is more expensive than chlorine. However, bromine is popular because it has a milder odor than chlorine, and is less irritating to bathers' eyes, hair and skin.

The problem with bromine is that its effectiveness is greatly reduced by exposure to the sun. Bromine cannot be stabilized in the same way that chlorine can.

Bromine normally comes in the form of tablets. Most bromine cannot be placed in the skimmer, so purchasing a bromine dispenser or brominator is necessary. Proper bromine dispensing is important because it tends to dissolve at a slow rate.

Pool water cannot be shocked with bromine, so a non-chlorine-based shock will be required to kill extra bacteria.

Always read the manufacturers' directions carefully and discuss with a professional if you would like to use a bromine-based treatment system. And remember to ensure that all other products or devices you use are compatible with bromine.

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