Pool cabanas are the hottest trend in backyard design this year - even for people who don't own a pool.

Pool cabanas can resemble tent-like structures or small, shed-like buildings with either solid or open wall systems and a roof. They are an affordable option for people looking for some covered or enclosed space near their pool to change into bathing suits or simply get out of the sun - or rain!

Prefabricated pool cabanas offer a homeowner the option of assembling the structure as a do-it-yourself project, although you might want to hire a professional for elaborate structures. Prefabricated cabanas are offered in many colors and styles and can be found squared, rectangular or octagon shaped. Many cabana or shed kits will provide all relevant hardware for the job, so all a homeowner needs are the tools and time.

Pool cabanas are available with canvas coverings, while shed kits often feature cedar or vinyl siding in different colors for the structure's exterior. Some pool cabana manufacturers offer kits that come with different options for assembly. Some offer a pre-assembled model while others make available pre-cut versions.

There are many online opportunities for everything you will need to plan your pool houses or cabanas. Feel free to access online suppliers through the shopping links above to peruse plan and design options for your poolside structure.

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