Pool Cover Reels

Cover reels make putting on and taking off a solar blanket a much easier task. Cover reels eliminate the hassle of folding and storing the blanket, and help preserve your cover by keeping it from getting damaged and dirty.

Cover reels come in different lengths to fit the pool's width and the size and shape of the cover. Some can be used with either inground or above ground pools, while others will clearly specify the pool type.

A manual cover reel basically has two base ends that fit on the pool's patio for inground swimming pools or rail for above-ground pools. It is important to be sure that an above-ground railing can cope with the weight of the cover reel.

A cover reel has a long bar that the cover rolls up on. The cover is attached to the reel and then you wind the crank and it rolls up on the long tube. Cover reels can have an aluminum or steel framed base. Some have one wheel or crank, while others are equipped with wheels on both ends for extra convenience. Some cover reels come with casters or wheels that adjust for easy mobility and stability.

As you never want the cover reel bar to be in the way for swimmers, there is an above ground version that has the ends fixed to the pool's railing and a bar that pivots and easily moves away from the surface.

Important things to consider when purchasing a cover reel include:

  • how many people are needed to work it
  • whether there is assembly required
  • the weight and mobility of the reel

For those with a bigger budget, there are motorized cover reels and even custom-made cover systems available that make covering a pool a very simple process.

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