Energy Efficient Tips

Pool owners are becoming more and more preoccupied with energy efficient products and practices. This is in part because of soaring energy rates and the quest for environmentally friendly alternatives. Here are a few tips that will help you converse energy this summer:

  • Run your pool's pump during low rate times of the day and investigate the minimum time to run your pump. Explore how to cut your pump's running time without jeopardizing the cleanliness of your pool's water. Pump timers are a great way to ensure that they run at appropriate times for specific durations.
  • Using a skimmer to take away leaves from the surface and cleaning the pool's bottom with a pool cleaner will also make your filtration system work more effectively. Also keep your skimmer basket and filter free of debris to make it more effective.
  • Solar covers lesson water evaporation and help the water retain heat. An investment in a solar cover will save heating energy costs.
  • Pool solar heaters and heat pumps are becoming a more popular way to efficiently heat your pool.
  • For gas and propane heaters, it is always best to set the heating temperature to keep it stable. Energy efficient gas heaters are a good investment and many of the higher end models on the cutting edge of efficiency have ratings anywhere between 89-95%.
  • Invest in a pool thermometer and monitor the temperature to ensure that your heater is working effectively. Overheating the pool and having a broken heater are two ways that energy can be wasted. Experts say most pool owners keep their pool temperature between 78-82 F.
  • Using an energy-efficient pool pumps that fits the dimensions of your pool will also increase its energy efficiency. A pool pump that is too large or small can waste energy and be prone to problems.
  • Solar lighting is an inexpensive way to add light to your backyard during the evening. Solar lighting is available in floaters for pools, or in backyard lamp post models. Also, motion detector lights in your patio or pool area are also great ways to conserve energy as they illuminate when you are present. Consider energy efficient light bulbs for all of your backyard lights.
  • Well maintained pool equipment and properly balanced water will have your equipment working more effectively and may also save you costly repairs.
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