Replacement Filter Cartridges

Cartridge-based pool filtration systems do a great job of keeping your pool free of debris, but the filter cartridges eventually need to be replaced. The lifespan of your filter cartridge depends on many factors, including the pool's usage and the amount of dirt it has trapped since being installed.

The best way to determine your replacement filter cartridge is to note both the model number and the brand name of the filter that you use. You can also consult your filter manual for more detailed information.

Pool filter cartridges have different features that also need to be known during replacement. To ensure you find the proper replacement filter you must also examine the width and length of the filter cartridge. Also note both the top and bottom of the filter cartridge's inside diameter.

It is also imperative to determine the threading type. Regular threading tends to be more subtle with sharper edging. SAE threading is known for being rougher with edges that are flat.

Also, be aware that filters vary in the design of both the top and the bottom ends. As an example, one may have a bottom and top that is open while another may have a closed top with a handle that has a threaded or grooved bottom.

However, many online suppliers have made the process quite easy. Some allow you to do a quick search according to the brand name and model number. Some will even walk you through how to measure different cartridge dimensions.

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