Gunite Pools

Gunite and concrete pools both require a framing wall that can be constructed of strong materials such as reinforced concrete or steel.

Gunite is a concrete mix that is sprayed on the surface of the pool's walls and floor. The gunite surface is subsequently layered with an additional coating. The top coating or surface of a gunite pool can feature plaster or a specific paint.

Shotcrete is also a concrete mix that is often used as a pool application and differs from gunite in its mixing method. A shotcrete pool also has a finished coating similar to the plaster and paint applications available for concrete or gunite pools.

Gunite pools are an expensive choice for an inground pool as they are labor intensive, require proper equipment and a skilled person to apply the gunite. They are generally considered to be of excellent quality and strong in comparison to other inground pools.

The floor and wall design opportunities for a gunite or a concrete pool are endless, as you can create different textures and all types of paint patterns and designs. The cement or gunite surface combined with the coating becomes the pool's surface, so neither use a liner.

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