Inflatable Swimming Pools

Inflatable swimming pools are offered in many models that are easy to assemble, simple to maintain and affordable. Some inflatable pools are for younger children while others are large enough for the entire family. Most inflatable pools are ideal for sitting or cooling off on a hot day, although you may find some larger and deeper inflatable pools that are suitable for swimming.

Some come in a bag which makes transporting and storing them easy. A good inflatable pool accessory is an automatic air pump that will inflate the pool quickly and simply. Some inflatable pools are entirely constructed of vinyl, while other bigger versions have metal framing for extra support. Some of the larger ones also may also need a ladder. Some inflatable pool structures come with a system to filter and pump which will help to keep the pool water sanitized.

To assist you with installation and maintaining your inflatable pool, many manufacturers offer a detailed information package and some even include a video to help you in setting up and caring for your inflatable pool.

It is important that any inflatable pool owner follow the cleaning instructions to ensure that the water is clean and safe. Also be sure that the pool meets local and national building and safety requirements and be sure to see if a permit or enclosure is needed.

Most pools stipulate appropriate ages for their pools, although all children should be constantly monitored when they are in or near any type of pool.

More information is available on our Family-Size Inflatable Pools page.

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