Pool Landscaping - Art and Accessories

Garden décor is important for good pool landscaping. Garden art can be anything from bronze statuary to terra cotta urns.

Wall art should not be overlooked. Wall art is becoming increasingly popular and can be added to your home's exterior or your pool shed. Consider hanging a painting (it will fade, though), colorful plates, flower boxes or candle sconces on a wall or trellis. Add decoration to your home or pool shed's exterior buy hanging stone wall ornaments, clocks and thermometers.

Garden pedestals are available in Roman or modern designs. They can be used for flower pots, small fountains or even a bowl that serves as a mock bird bath. Garden pedestals give height to your garden and a great focal point for your favorite potted plant or sculpture.

Garden statues are available in concrete, copper, fiberglass and marble. Whether you want a lion, frog, cherub, or a mushroom statue your choices are limitless. There are even elegant garden statues available that also serve as solar-powered outdoor lights and others as bird baths.

Garden gnomes are fun and colorful ornaments. These elf figures are not only an aesthetic enhancement to a garden but are said to bring good luck.

Gazing balls are colorful round balls that are commonly made of glass and stainless steel although they can also be found in copper and ceramic. Glazing ball stands and pedestals and hooks to hang them are a must have for glazing globes. Either on their own or an accessory to your statue, gazing balls offer a splash of color to any garden.

Bird houses can either be on a pedestal or hang from a tree or stand. Plastic tube feeders are inexpensive but do the trick. Wooden bird houses either natural or painted can be so decorative that they also double as garden art.

Bird baths are another great way to attract bird into your pool area. Still bird baths work well, although those that have water flowing into them have appeal for all visitors to your backyard. Heated bird baths may be just the thing for you. Bird baths can be made of stone, metals such as copper and brass and even some are plastic.

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