Pool Landscaping - Garden Fountains

Garden fountains are not only an aesthetic enhancement to backyard décor, their sounds have a calming and soothing effect. From garden pedestal fountains to those that sit on a table top, the sight and sound of your backyard will be enhanced by the wonder of moving water.

Garden fountains common today can be made of granite, copper, brass, cast aluminum, fiberglass and resin. Some trickle down into a basin, while others with jets spray water upwards.

Wall fountains are a great accent for your house's exterior. Most are designed to hang, although others with a straight back sit on the ground against a wall.

Stand fountains have a pedestal base. Some contain a large drip basin that is the base, while others have one or many tiers that sit on a stand. Some outdoor pedestal fountains today double as a birth bath to attract your flying friends. Outdoor waterwalls have become the latest trend. They have water running down a wall that is caught into a bottom base.

Stone or copper outdoor stand fountains normally cost upwards of $500 and can go into the thousands for the more intricate and costly stonework. You can purchase resin stand and wall fountains for around $100.

Pool fountains are mostly floatable versions that spray water up. Some pools feature built in fountains that flow water from a built-in wall, while others available today can sit on the side of the pool with water trickling down.

Table top fountains for outdoor garden décor are fun and affordable. Some feature a large round ball, others are filled with small rocks and some have water that drips over a sheet of glass. Traditional and modern designs are numerous, although Zen and other Asian inspired table top fountains are currently very popular brought on by the increasing awareness of Feng Shui.

Solar fountains for outdoor décor are also available. With a pump that works on energy from the sun, these fountains work in conjunction with a solar panel (placed a distance away) to capture energy.

Outdoor fountains are often sold with a pump although some need to be purchased separately. Faux fountains that resemble stone, wood or metal cost significantly less and tend to be more portable due to their lighter weight. Do consider that the fountain should be specifically for outdoor use and should be able to withstand your area's temperatures. Some fountains need to be brought indoors during cold spells while others may only need to be emptied. During cold weather pumps will be shut off and for some pumps indoor storage is recommended during this time.

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