Pool Landscaping - Garden Types

Any pool landscaping plan requires you to consider the most appropriate types of gardens for your yard. Here are just a few examples of the types of gardens commonly found today:

Japanese gardens are renowned for their simplicity and natural elements. While stones and stonework play an integral part in the garden's design, many combine waterfalls and ponds with wooden furniture and bridges, bonsai trees and subtle Japanese inspired arbors.

Zen gardens typically use rocks and sand. Because of their minimalism and their lack of trees and flowers, they are often referred to as dry gardens. A place for serenity and self-reflection, Zen gardens inspire tranquility through their simplicity.

Mediterranean gardens are renowned for their laid-back simplicity. Although perfect for very hot and dry climates like those in Greece or Spain, clay pots, roman pedestals, rustic ceramics and some simple tile work make this type of design very popular. Courtyards accented with ivy and terracotta urns are also part of the Mediterranean garden design.

Butterfly gardens use plants to attract this beautiful species. They can range from a tiny corner in your yard to the entire yard, depending on space and preference. The plants used should be those that the butterfly (and caterpillar) eats or plants that they can nest on (to lay eggs). Butterfly gardens may incorporate both sunny and shady spots and a small gathering of water allows them to drink (also called puddling). Hibiscus, lavender, marigolds and mint are just a few of the many flowers that attract your favorite winged friends.

English gardens, also called English cottage gardens, are well known for their aesthetic appeal. English gardens are often described as wild, colorful and cheerful. Complete with herbs, roses and hedges, they are densely filled with a large array of tall and colorful flowers and shrubs.

Water gardens can consist of a pond or a running stream - even a barrel filled with water. If you want water for the soothing and inspiring sound of trickling, consider a flowing pool fountain or a waterfall in a pond. Flowered ponds may include such things as water lilies and water hyacinth. If fish are more your thing, consider a koi (Japanese carp) goldfish or perhaps a pond with guppies. Water bridges are another great accessory for a large water garden.

Your garden should suit your personal taste and wishes. It should be expression of who you are and what you enjoy. So be observant about what other landscaping designs you see. Make note when at friends' houses what shrubs and features you like must around their pool. Who knows, they may even give you plant clippings to get you started!

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