Fashionable Pool Landscaping Ideas

Vanishing Edges
Vanishing edges or negative edges are one of the hottest design options available to homeowners. To give the effect that there is no pool edge, the water drips down into a basin below and is re-pumped back into the pool. Built over a cliff or hill, a negative-edge pool truly has 'endless' design potential.

Natural Charm
Incorporating the sights and sounds of nature into a pool design has never been more popular. Transforming your backyard into a nature lovers' paradise is best with rugged stones, indigenous shrubs and plants, fountains and waterfalls. Caves, ponds and beach like entries are great accents for more natural appeal.

Pool with Spa
Pool and spa combinations are aesthetically pleasing and offer versatility. A pool is great for exercising, entertaining and cooling off. A spa is a perfect and healthy way to relax and unwind after a long and stressful day. Whether you want to rejuvenate in your spa or play in the pool with your family, a pool spa is a great way to enhance your backyard's function and appearance.

Salt Chlorinators
Salt-chlorine generators have been praised for giving water a soft and silky feel. The device uses salt that changes it to chlorine through electrolysis. For homeowners who are tired of the cost and hassle of chlorine, a salt chlorine generator although costly may be just the thing.

Pool Houses
Pool houses are not only functional but enhance a pool's look significantly. A pool house can provide a place for storage, house a change room, a cozy sitting area or be a shelter for your hot tub. A pool houses' exterior should not be overlooked - window boxes, bright doors and window frames and even a porch will enhance its appeal.

Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor kitchens offer a great way for a pool owner to spend more time outdoors. Grill islands are offered as pre-fab structures that can be as simple as a grill and single counter, to a full on cooking area complete with fridge, oven, bar, griddle and sinks. From preparation to clean up, a fully loaded outdoor kitchen - although a costly investment - is a great way to bring the inside out.

Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important for pool owners. Whether it is solar heating options, solar lighting or energy efficient pumps there are a variety of ways to save money on oaring electricity costs. Solar covers are one of the cheapest ways to help your pool's water retain heat which, by minimizing evaporation, saves money on heating and on chemicals.

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