Pool Landscaping - Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to offer aesthetic and a practical expansion of your poolside space. Most pool owners find that they are spending more time outdoors and creating a kitchen or more prominent cooking area allows them more outside enjoyment with family and friends.

Whether you want a full kitchen complete with sinks, grill, cabinets and counter space or a much simpler portable barbecue, there are ways to enhance your outdoor dining experience like never before.

Propane and natural gas portable grills are available in cast iron or aluminum or stainless steel. Offered in many different surface sizes, some feature grease trays, side burners and electronic ignition.

Built-in BBQs are readily available and are often surrounded by concrete or brick. Grills and other appliances are easily available in kits ready to build into any outdoor kitchen.

Grill islands are offered in stainless steel, tiles, stone, brick and stucco and a variety of wood types. Designs range from a simple grill with a side counter top or burner, to a curved island with grill, bar seating space, burners, refrigerator and storage cabinets.

Outdoor bars can be found in wood and stainless steel. Most feature refrigerators with a counter although sinks, ice makers and even umbrellas are available in larger models.

The location of your new outdoor kitchen is crucial. You need to have all of the necessities, but it should be built in the most functional and practical place close to where you plan to dine. Ensure that the materials that you choose are durable and strong enough against outdoor weather-all year round. Also any appliances you choose should be suitable for outdoor use. All appliances should be installed and hooked up by appropriate professionals to ensure safety and to avoid costly repairs.

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