Pool Landscaping - Plants and Flowers

Pool landscaping requires you choose the best plants and flowers for your garden. Trees and flowers that don't have leaves or flowers that stain or thorns that can damage your pool liner are important considerations that are unique to pool owners. Besides, you don't want to have to be skimming that stuff out of your pool all year long!

Planting trees near a pool is risky, because one day they could grow very large roots that may cause structural damage to the pool. As well, keep grass away from your pool and be cautious when cutting. Grass can stain and may have pesticide residue that can contaminate the pool's water.

Garden colors play an integral part in swimming pool designs. Consider the wall and floor surface of your pool as well as the color and texture of your steps, coping and patio or deck. This will be important to match with your color scheme.

Garden Flowers
Annuals are flowers that last for about 12 months. Biennials last about two years. During the first season a biennial produces leaves and during the second, seeds and flowers. Perennials, in contrast, continue growing year after year. It is important that you keep this in mind as you must accommodate for perennial growth and ensure that you are happy with the color and texture of any perennials that you choose.

Garden Color Tips
Purple, lilac, blue and any pastel-colored flowers or bushes make for a cool and peaceful garden atmosphere.

Bold colors such as bright pink, yellow, orange and red add warmth and drama to a backyard.

White is a great accent color that works well with a variety of color schemes.

Garden color can have one or many colors as part of your design. You can choose one color such as purple or red and incorporate a variety of different tones of that color throughout the garden.

A flower's texture and height are also important. Taller plants should be planted at the back of a flower bed (or in the middle of a circular bed). Tallest to shortest from back to front is the rule to ensure that you can best view the flowers and shrubs. A flower should have enough space to grow, be planted properly in the appropriate spot and be given adequate water during planting and throughout the year for it to survive.

Trees should be chosen for the climate they suit, how they look now in the backyard and how they will look in 20 years. Consider how much work a tree will require when you choose it. Hedges and some bushes are beautiful but do require regular cuttings.

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