Pool Landscaping - Structures

Pool landscaping structures have become increasingly common features in North American backyards. Here are a few favorites to consider:

Trellises and arbors tend to be the least expensive of the three, while gazebos, found in kits, offer a nice shady retreat. Pergolas tend to be simple structures that that add drama to a seating area or patio.

Trellises and Arbors
Garden trellises and arbors add a decorative splash to any poolside garden. Trellises and arbors are large structures used to support crawling plants and vines. They are great for re-defining a patio space and are often used to accent gate entranceways. Whether for look, privacy or as support for long vines, trellises and arbors are great addition to your pool landscaping.

Trellises and arbors can be commonly found in wood, copper, bamboo, wrought iron and vinyl. Wall trellises are those that you either hang on a wall or a fence although some can be stuck into the ground. Free-standing trellises can feature an arched, peaked or vertically straight overhang. Some even incorporate seating benches while others feature window boxes.

Gazebos are quaint structures that offer a relaxing, shady retreat. Historically octagonal in shape, gazebos are pavilion-like structures that were most often found in public parks before becoming popular backyard fixtures.

Adorned with a roof, they can be any shape and size. Some have walls that are totally open, while others have screens. Cedar, vinyl and aluminum gazebo kits are all readily available. If you don't wish to have a more permanent wooden gazebo, you can also buy a canopy-style gazebo that is fully portable but still provides a spot outside the sun.

Pergolas are an architectural structure that combines an arbor with a canopy. Often square or rectangular, they can have an open roof although many feature rafters or lattice work.

Pergolas can provide some shade but most often serve to enhance landscaping by re-defining outdoor space. Often found over patios, decks, and garden seating areas and sometimes over spas, they can be attached to a house or freestanding. Simple yet elegant, a pergola is a great accent for any backyard.

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