Lighting Accessories

Pool lighting accessories are integral for backyard evening enjoyment. Lanterns, candles and torches are all common accessories which will enhance the mood for an evening of fun or relaxation.

Floating lights are a must for today's pool owners. Floating solar-powered lighting uses the sun's light in the daytime to charge and then they illuminate in the dark.

Floating candles specifically designed for pools add a romantic element and are available in different colors and motifs. Many are shaped like flowers and some use votive candles, while others feature fiber optic lighting. For safety reasons, it is important that proper candles and holders are only used in a pool after all flammable objects have been removed.

Lanterns available today are lit using votive or stick candles, depending on the holder. Some lanterns run on oil. Popular lanterns available are constructed out of wrought iron, copper and aluminum. Many have glass paneling with doors for easy access to the candles. Lanterns often have a ring or handle on top for easy hanging.

Torches or torch lights are also a great outdoor lighting option. Torches have long poles and some stick directly into the ground while others require a base for patio placement. Torches are commonly found in copper, aluminum, stainless steel and brass, and consist of a wick that burns a specific oil to produce flamed lighting.

Citronella torches and candles are also a cost-effective way to light up the backyard and repel bugs and mosquitoes at the same time.

There's a wide variety of outdoor lighting accessories that will brighten your pool, patio or garden. To learn more, check out some of the shopping links above to reach leading suppliers.

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