Aqua Vac

Aqua Vac Systems specializes in making self-contained robot cleaners for residential and commercial pools. They have pool vacuums for both inground and above ground pool owners.

Makoshark, TigerShark and Tiger Shark Plus are just a few examples of the products offered by Aqua Vac.

Tigershark is a self-contained unit with a built-in pump. It can be pre-programmed so you can determine its cleaning pattern. It vacuums up dirt while moving to all areas of the pool including stairs and walls and it uses a cord for plug in. It also has a removable cartridge filter which can be hosed off.

Makoshark 2 is also a self contained robotic cleaner with all modern innovations including a new system called Vac Chlor. This enables the vacuum to disperse chlorine as it sucks debris from you pool's water.

Aqua Vac Systems has some cleaners that are equipped with very unique features including two filter sacks to maximize dirt suction, remote control options and of course the unique Vac Chlor method.

Aqua Vac Systems has many distributors throughout the country that sell their pool cleaners.

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