Aquabot is produced by Aqua Products, a U.S company that specializes in engineering and manufacturing robotic pool cleaners for both commercial and residential pools. Aquabots have a good reputation and are considered to be effective robot pool cleaners.

Aquabot pool cleaners are self-contained devices that are totally automatic. They are powered by a cord and feature soft rubber brushes on the bottom for scrubbing. As the floor is scrubbed, the vacuum grabs the dirt. Most Aquabots can easily go up walls and on many sets of stairs.

Aquabots have an internal pump and contain a removable filter bag that traps the water's debris. Some of their products are equipped with timers, others have remote control capabilities.

Aquabot, Aquabot Turbo and Aquabot Ultra are sold for residential inground swimming pools. The Aquabot Pool Rover is used in above ground ones. The cost of an Aquabot (for inground pools) can run between $800-$1300. The above ground Pool Rover costs between $450-$550.

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