Cantar is a swimming pool product company that is part of Polyair Inter Pack. Cantar produces and sells above ground pools, liners as well as solar and winter covers.

Cantar has three different above ground models. The Classic and the Estate model above ground pools both have strong steel framing systems. They are sold either round or oval and in different sizes. Cantar's Chateau offers the best warranty of the three pools and comes with a matching liner and has an attractive light-colored exterior frame.

Cantar's above ground pools are often sold with relevant equipment including pump, filter, skimmer, hoses as well as a comprehensive manual. Some kits may include ladders, while others need to be purchased separately.

Cantar also sells an above ground pool fence called Protect-A-Pool. The fence impedes pool entry by being fastened to the rim of an above ground pool, preventing people from climbing over.

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