Dolphin pool cleaners are the brain child of Maytronics, a company that has specialized in automatic pool cleaners for over 20 years.

Dolphin pool cleaners are robotic cleaners that scrub and vacuum dirt from the pool's water. The dirt is trapped into an internal filter bag that is easily removed. On one system, you easily access the bag by opening the top of the canister. Many love the robot pool cleaners as they do not affect the pool's filtration system in any way. Dolphins are powered by a cord.

Maytronic's Dolphin product lines include Diagnostic, Magic and Luminous. The Dolphin Diagnostic has everything built into it and it has the ability to self-program. This means it will automatically maneuver around and find the most efficient configuration-all the while it scrubs and vacuums debris.

Dolphin also sells rollers which makes transporting their pool vacuums to and from your shed easy.

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