Doughboy is a name that is synonymous with quality above-ground pools. After designing the first version over fifty years ago, Doughboy continues to have a reputation as the leading manufacturer of above ground swimming pools.

Whether you want an above-ground pool that is round with a white frame and blue liner, or a cream oval pool with a matching liner, there are Doughboys pools designed to meet the aesthetic, budgetary and practical needs of any pool owner.

Doughboy also sells a portable pool in conjunction with Lomart, its sister corporation. The Doughboy/Lomart pool is entirely portable, easy to set up and has soft walls.

Doughboy also has a wide variety of equipment for their pools. Many Doughboy dealers sell above ground kits so that you can purchase a pool with basic or more advanced equipment and accessories. Equipment offered with some of the pools includes a filter, pump, skimmer, ladder and some even a vacuum.

Doughboy has an extensive network of authorized local suppliers through the country that sell their pools and relevant equipment and parts. Doughboy's commitment to their customers is expressed by their great pool and equipment warranties.

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