Hayward Pool Products, a subsidiary of Hayward Industries, entered the pool market in the early 1920s. Hayward's comprehensive selection of pool products for above and inground pools and spas has made them a consumer favorite. Hayward Pool has built a name of quality and reliability for their wide range of product lines that include pool heaters, filters, pumps and cleaners.

Hayward sells a variety of sand, DE and cartridge pool filters. Hayward's cartridge filters for above ground pools include the ASL and Easy-Clea product lines, which are both sold with a Power-Flo LX pump. The Star-Clear Plus, which is a stand-alone inground cartridge filter line, can be purchased (depending on the size) for $200-400.

Hayward's innovation is also evident in their wide selection of pool heaters and heat pumps. The H Series heaters are available in induced draft, electronic and millivolt models for above ground pools and inground ones. The H Series features a cutting-edge control panel and maximizes energy and speeds up heating through a specially designed combustion chamber. The H Series can be purchased in many different BTUs, models and dimensions. Prices for an H Series heater start at around $900.

Hayward's automatic pool cleaners include Pool Vac, Navigator and Viper. The Pool Vac Ultra for inground pools optimizes cleaning through their AquaPilot system, which offers programmable navigation. The Pool Vac Ultra boasts easy installation and there is no need for additional purchases because it works in conjunction with a pool's filtering system. Prices for the pool cleaner start at around $400.

Hayward also has an extensive line of pool lighting, skimmers and control systems. In fact, Hayward is one of the few companies that can outfit your entire pool. And, with a network of dealers throughout the United States and Canada, their products are easy to find.

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