Intex Recreation Corp. is a supplier of inflatable pools and small inflatable children's pools. They also sell inflatable pool lounges, toys and floats as well as a variety of other leisure products.

Easy Set by Intex is a frameless and round inflatable pool that is offered in a few different sizes. Made of strong vinyl, the walls on the pool inflate as you put water into it and the walls are supported by an inflatable tube that is at the pool's rim. Most retailers offer an entire pool kit that includes such pertinent items as a pump, filter, underlay and skimmer. The filter cartridges that the filter systems use on these pools often require frequent replacement.

Intex also manufactures and sells framed above-ground pools. These have a light metal tube framing system combined with vinyl interior walls that are easily erected, light in weight yet strong. The metal framed Intex above grounds are round in size with blue walls.

Some above-ground kit packages offered by different retailers include a ground cover, filter system and ladder. Many Intex pools come with a video to help pool owners get acquainted with their pool.

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