Jandy, along with Laars and Water Pik, make up Water Pik Technologies, a company owned by The Teledyne Corporation. Jandy is a leader in a vast number of swimming pool products including heaters, pumps, cleaners, sanitization systems and luxury water features.

Jandy's series of pool pumps include the JHP, JHPU, PHP and PHPU. The pumps are available in an assortment of one- and two-speed pumps as well as various sizes of horsepower. Jandy manufactures cartridge, DE and sand filters including the DEL series which are DE filters and the CL Series which are part of the cartridge filter line.

Their heater series include LX/LT, Hi-E2 and the Lite 2. Jandy has heaters that have millivolt ignition, others are electronic. With many different models of natural gas and propane, many of their selection include those that are lightweight and compact yet efficient. Jandy also offers some low NOx versions as well. Jandy's heat pumps such as the Air Energy 2 and the Magnum which features a digital control system and two thermostats.

Jandy also sells chlorine generation systems called AquaPure. Jandy sells two AquaPure Chlorine Generators, for two different pool capacities. The devices automatically generate chlorine from salt through the process of electrolysis. The benefits of the system are that it effectively uses the salt. Once the salt changes to chlorine, it turns back to salt so that it can be used again in the device.

Jandy cleaners include the Ray-Vac. Ray-Vac is an automatic cleaner that can either use a pool's pumping system, although booster pumps are also readily available if required. The Ray-Vac is offered in different models, depending on the pool surface. It catches debris and holds it internally, so it will not affect your pool's system. The Ray-Vac is priced around $550.

Jandy also sells arc waterfalls, rock-like fountains and a variety of other luxury options for pools. To reach suppliers of Jandy products, click on the links at the top of the page.

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