Polaris Pool Systems sells a wide variety of pool products including vacuums, built-in pool vacuum systems, chlorine dispensers and fiber optic lighting. Automatic chlorine feeders such as Pro System Watermatic D1 are also part of Polaris' long list of products.

Polaris also acquired the Autoclear brand of chlorine generation devices. Autoclear devices transform salt to chlorine automatically. Gaining significantly in popularity, pool owners praise the systems for being easy to use, less hassle than storing and handling chlorine as well as giving the water a great feel. Saltwater chlorine generators from Autoclear cost upwards of $1000.

Polaris also sells pool cleaners. Polaris 65 for above ground pools has a filter sack that catches dirt. It works off a pool's existing system and is priced around $200.

Polaris Vac-Sweep 380 for inground pools has an internal pump, filter and removable bag. It maneuvers around the pool automatically using its four wheel system. Some Vac-Sweep 380s are come with a booster pump, although if not it will need to be purchased separately.

Polaris is also leading the way with their innovative built-in pool circulation and cleansing systems - VinylCare and the CareTaker. VinylCare as an example is for vinyl pools and it features built-in jets that disperse clean water proportionately throughout the pool. This system allows for better replenishing and circulation of the pool's water-therefore making it cleaner.

Fiber optic lighting systems and fountains, water arcs, and other unique options for pool owners are offered by Polaris.

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