Raypak is part of Rheem Manufacturing, a large American heater, furnace and air conditioner manufacturer. Raypak has specialized in the pool heating industry for many years and continues to outfit pool owners with excellent pool heaters and heat pumps.

With an extensive line of commercial and residential pool and spa heaters, Raypak offers millivolt and electronic models that come in a variety of sizes. Raypak's lines of heaters include gas and propane models.

Familiar names include Versa, Versa Plus and Versa II that are offered for swimming pools and spas with many different BTU outputs and sizes.

Raypak's RHP heat pumps have two thermostats that enable the pump to both heat and cool. RHP pumps also have a comprehensive and state-of-the-art control panel.

With many gas and propane pool and spa heaters (and combos), Raypak is certainly a company that has found its area of specialization. With products that have high efficiency ratings and many that are backed with solid warranties, Raypak continues to heat more and more North American pools and spas.

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