Sta-Rite is an international manufacturer and distributor of a wide assortment of pool and spa products including pumps, filters, heaters and lights.

Sta-Rite's residential pool pumps include the Max-E-Glas, Dura-Glas and JWP. These pumps boast corrosion resistance, motor efficiency and dependability. Sta-Rite also sells pool filters. Their System 3 series as an example is offered in sand, DE and cartridge models.

Sta-Rite's Max-E-Therm heater series is an energy efficient device that features electronic ignition. Offered in three models, Max-E-Therm heaters boast a strong and durable tank that is constructed of Dura-Glas and dual thermostats.

Sta-Rite's inground pool vacuums include the PoolShark and the Calypso and their above-ground version model is called the Lil' Shark. PoolShark is a brightly colored automatic cleaner. It has the ability to both clean the floor and suck up the debris. The Pool Shark is a suction side cleaner that utilizes your pool's filtration system to clean the water. It is priced anywhere from $320-$400.

Sta-Rite's pumps, cleaners, and heaters can be easily accessed by clicking on the links above.

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