Zodiac Group is a large company that leads innovation and technology in a variety of different sectors. Based in France, Zodiac's business interests started out through their invention of mechanically propelled balloons and inflatable boats. Currently their business interests include flight, automotive and marine systems and products.

Zodiac Pool Care is another example of the company's ingenuity and innovation. Zodiac Pool Care designs, manufactures and sells a diverse range of swimming pool products and pools including Nature2 and Clearwater sanitization systems.

Nature2 mineral purification systems feature an effective way to clean the water using minerals. Because minerals naturally kill bacteria these systems help clean your pool's water by drastically lessening the amount of chlorine required. Zodiac has a comprehensive list of Nature2 devices and equipment for a variety of pools.

The Nature2 Express as an example is a self-sufficient device that houses minerals in a cartridge that sanitize the pool's water, electricity-free. Although chlorine is still needed in smaller amounts, the system effectively reduces its usage. The Nature2 Express costs upwards of $130 and the cartridge costs around $70. The cartridges life depends on many factors including pool size and device usage, although on average it will need to be replaced every six months.

Zodiac also sells a wide variety of top-notch pool cleaners including the fully automatic Zodiac G4 (sometimes called Baracuda G4) for inground pools. The Zodiac G4 is an automatic suction cleaner that uses Baracuda innovation. It maneuvers on its own automatically reducing your work. It also features a large padded disc (no wheels) that brushes the pool's floor and walls. The cleaner comes with a hose and works through your pool's system. Prices for the Zodiac G4 are around $ $450.

Zodiac is also leading the way in saltwater chlorination systems under the brand Clearwater. Clearwater offers an extensive line of saltwater chlorination units that convert salt to chlorine to clean your pool automatically. Salt chlorination units gives pool owners clean, clear and smooth pool water without the hassle (and cost) of handling chemicals. A Clearwater salt water system starts costs upwards of $1000.

Zodiac also manufactures and sells above-ground portable pools under the name KD Pools. KD pools has an extensive line of above ground vinyl lined pools of all shapes and sizes and also offers popular portable models to suit the needs of any homeowner.

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