Ground Level Pool Decks

Concrete is popular choice for pool decks as it is strong and affordable. Concrete is not only long-lasting, it is practical because, unlike bricks, there is no room for weeds to grow through.

Currently, many companies are dyeing, stamping or stenciling concrete to mimic stonework including cobblestone, tiles or bricks. Adding patterns and different color tones add flair to a practical and durable pool deck material.

The cost of stamping, stenciling or coloring concrete varies according to pattern, tone and amount of time the project will take and is normally priced considerably more than normal concrete. In some cases it may still cost less than many natural stone options.

Interlocking bricks or stones are also attractive and very popular. Stones and bricks are often set in mortar (a cement and sand mix) or sand and are available in many different colors and designs. There are numerous assortments of natural and synthetic stones that will match any backyard design.

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