Enclosures and Domes

Pool enclosures and domes will increase the time that you can enjoy your pool. Covering a pool with a structure minimizes water evaporation and protects against wind. A dome will decrease pool chemical usage because it lessens evaporation. Your pool's water will also stay warmer, which in the long run will save you money!

Pool enclosures are solid buildings while removable pool domes are less permanent. Pool domes are not only cheaper but certainly require less commitment.

Pool enclosures can look like an elaborate conservatory or sunroom. Permanent pool enclosures can be simple or intricate and can be custom-made using glass. For those with a large budget, custom-built enclosures can feature grandiose geometric ceilings, automatic doors, built in seating and skylights - even a hot tub.

Pre-fabricated pool enclosures are also available. Featuring strong steel or aluminum beams, these pool enclosure kits can feature retractable sections and windows for extra practicality all year round. Stronger and more permanent, these types of enclosures are a great option for those looking for a permanent pool enclosure at a more affordable price.

Pool domes are often made of vinyl. Either inflatable or framed pool domes can be purchased or custom ordered to fit your pool shape and size.

Inflatable pool domes or covers use an air blower (sometimes included) to inflate the dome. They stay down by being fastened to concrete or wood decks.

Framed domes have aluminum tubing that acts as its structural support. Zippered doors are used to gain access to the pool and some domes even have large windows. Meshed windows are great as they offer much needed air flow and protection from insects.

Pool domes can be clear like plastic. Other versions have a frosted glaze and a colored roof. Because the vinyl on many of the pool domes can be punctured, many manufacturers sell replacement patching kits.

An above ground pool dome costs upward of $700 for a smaller version, while a small inground dome starts at around $2,000.

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