Party Tips

Swimming pool parties are one of summer's biggest joys. Whether it is an afternoon barbecue, evening soiree or a family reunion, a pool is an ideal venue for entertaining.

Here are a few tips to help you make your next pool party a smashing success.

  • Pool parties with a theme are fun. Consider throwing a Mexican Fiesta, a Fourth of July bash or a Hawaiian themed barbecue. Select invitations, decorations, music, games and food that fit the parties' theme. Plastic plates, glasses and cutlery are wise as broken glass in a pool can be a huge hassle. You don't want to spend the day searching for glass in your pool!
  • If you don't have a pool house, make a plan as to where your guests will change and how they can best access the washroom. Consider ways of preventing your floor from getting wet by placing a towel by the door (to remind guest to dry off) or by covering your floors. Have an idea of what you will do and where you will go if bad weather wrecks havoc on your outdoor fun.
  • Outdoor lighting and candles for an evening pool party are crucial. For ambience and safety consider the best place to burn candles. Floating ones in a pool are great, but they can't get too close to the edges. If you live in an area where mosquitoes are problematic, citronella candles or torches are a good choice.
  • Clarify before the party what your guests should bring and when the party will end. This way they can arrive better prepared.
  • Pool party hosts should always provide lots of water and drinks throughout the day. It is easy to get dehydrated from the sun, so offering your guests plenty of water as well as a place to cool down are good ideas. Patio umbrellas and awnings are great sources of shade. Consider lots of light snacks for your guests-swimming and being in the sun requires energy.
  • Bug spray, a first aid kit and sunscreen are great to have on hand for the party as well.
  • Make sure you or someone responsible will take on the task of closely watching the pool (or hire lifeguards).
  • Never assume that since kids arrive with their parents that they are being watched.
  • Rescue equipment as well as a phone should always be in an easily accessible place in case of an emergency.
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