Pool Bags

While going to the beach or to a friend's house for a swim everyone needs a convenient bag to carry their towel, cover up and sunscreen in. Pool bags can come in solid colors or with floral, nautical or tartan motifs.

Pool bags can be found made of denim, cotton, straw, nylon, vinyl, mesh and canvas. They come in backpack, tote bag and shoulder bag styles. Long and strong straps can be a great benefit to any beach bag and for some removable straps add extra handiness.

Pool bags have been designed to close using drawstrings, zippers and Velcro. Beach bags that are machine washable and waterproof were designed with the busy and practical consumer in mind.

Many pool bags have functional pockets and compartments designed to fit all essentials including spots for cell phones, wallets, sunscreens and keys. Some have external mesh slots that will easily secure anything you need quick access to.

Backpacks for picnicking are available today that come complete with all accessories needed for a perfect picnic including shatterproof plates, cutlery and glasses. Picnic baskets are also popular and are common in rattan, wicker and willow and many are offered complete with all relevant accessories needed for a grandiose outdoor feast.

The cost of a simple beach bag normally starts at around $15 although for most straw bags and larger backpacks the prices start at around $30.

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