Pool Chairs

Pool or beach chairs can be made of plastic, wood and aluminum. Plastic pool chairs are great in that they are often lightweight and therefore easy to carry.

Many pool chairs resemble a lawn chair. These can sit lower to the ground while some are the same height as a lawn chair. Other pool chairs are more like loungers and these often sit close to the ground and are long and often recline to allow you to lie on them. These pool chairs often have adjustable recliners to ensure you are totally comfortable.

There are also collapsible chairs which are great for storing or taking with you to the beach. Some are even stackable for easy winter storage. Pool chairs that are great for your deck or for the beach often have a metal or wooden frame and may have a synthetic or cotton fabric covering them. Some come with a bag for traveling and another model is a chair that folds into a backpack.

Pool chairs are also offered in many different colors as inflatable floating versions that allow you to sit around while you move slowly around the water. Many floating chairs have large armrests and many come with holders for drinks.

For sitting around your deck or floating around your pool or for use at the beach, there are numerous pool chairs available today. Prices for a portable pool chair cost between $15 to $100. For an inflatable chair prices range from $13-$100.

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