Pool Chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals are vital to ensure your pool is safe and clean. There are many products available used to treat swimming pool water, including sanitizers, algaecide, stabilizers, balancers and shocks.

If chemicals are imbalanced, it can not only be harmful to swimmers, but also to your heating, filtering or pumping system. A pool should look clear, and it is wise to regularly monitor the pool to ensure its cleanliness and to maintain appropriate levels. Experts recommend that a pool have a pH level between 7.4-7.6. Lower or higher levels can result in corrosion, skin and eye irritation and can damage the filtration system.

Chlorine is a very popular swimming pool chemical that can be purchased in the form of tablets, grains or sticks. Chlorine keeps a pool sterile by disinfecting it. Bromine is another type of disinfectant commonly used in hot tub and indoor pools. Bromine also kills germs and bacteria commonly found in water. Many people favor bromine over chlorine, even though it is more expensive, because it has a less penetrating smell.

Chlorinators and brominators are used to automatically dispense chlorine or bromine in a pool after you set the appropriate dose for dispensing. They offer a great way to ensure that the pool is maintaining the proper chemical levels. Some are available as flotation devices that freely float around the pool.

Algaecides work by both destroying and preventing algae and can be purchased in tablets or liquid form. Some algaecides are chemical mixtures, although there are also non-toxic versions on the market as well.

Shocks are normally needed after your pool has been inactive over the winter and are often recommended throughout the swimming season and for algae as well. Shocks are a high-dosage mixture of different chemicals.

Balancers consist of many products including pH increasers or reducers and calcium hardness increasers that help to balance different parts of a pool. Stabilizers or conditioners are used on chlorine based pool sanitization systems to enhance the effectiveness of chlorine.

Many companies offer pool chemical kits complete with all relevant products that you will need to keep your pool clean either throughout the year. As well, you can purchase special kits to be used at the end or start-up of the pool season.

Pool chemical treatment will greatly depend on your preference and your budget. It is wise to research different options and read all relevant literature to make an informed decision. To learn more about the available options, click on the shopping links above to reach some of the leading online suppliers of swimming pool chemicals.

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