Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners and vacuums and are offered for above and inground pool types. The type of pool cleaner often depends on the type, texture and design of the pool's floor. A pool cleaner may also depend on whether the ground is even, bumpy or sloped and whether the pool has round or squared corners.

Cleaners come in all shapes, sizes and various weights and some have wheels while others don't. Cleaners normally slide on the bottom of the pool's floor to clean while others may skim on the surface. Some are able to perform both functions.

Swimming pool cleaners can be either manual an automatic. Manual versions are much cheaper than the automatic ones. Automatic cleaners can be left on their own and they clean and sweep around the pool automatically, often with the use of a remote control.

Suction cleaners are the most common type of cleaner found in North American pools today. They are normally hooked up to function as a skimmer that works in conjunction with your pumping and filtration system. Suction cleaners range in price from $160 to $450, and the inground cleaners generally cost more than above-ground ones.

Pressure cleaners are also very commonly used and work as a result of water pressure. A pressure-type cleaner often uses a replaceable filter bag that traps dirt. Some people prefer a pressure cleaner as it does not affect or use or isn't inhibited by the pool's pump and filter. Pressure cleaners range in price from $230-$550. Keep in mind that the inground models normally cost more than the above-ground models.

Electric cleaners are also called robotic cleaners and they need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They have a self contained pump and filter system, and normally trap dirt with an internal filter. They are often expensive but have many robot-like automatic capabilities. Robot cleaners normally cost between $850 and $1,700, but some are priced over $4,000.

Cleaners have different hose or cord lengths so be aware when you are purchasing a vacuum that it has a hose or cord that is appropriate to the size and shape of your pool.

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