Pool Comparisons

Can't decide which type of swimming pool best suits your family's needs? Here's a handy reference that outlines the pros and cons of the leading pool types:

Gunite & Concrete Pools

  • A reputation for being high in quality and very strong
  • Endless possibilities with shape, accessories and floor and wall surface options, since elaborate and unique custom designs are available
  • Don't have to replace liner, but will need to re-surface over time
  • Construction can take a long time, be costly and usually requires an experienced craftsman

Fiberglass Pools

  • Never need re-surfacing (unless additional coating is used)
  • Don't have to replace liner
  • Lower chemical costs than the other two types, since fiberglass does not alter water chemistry
  • Pre-fabricated, so shape and design options can be limited
  • Easier to maintain
  • Quickest and easiest to install, but requires truck access to your yard

Vinyl Liner Pools

  • Generally the least expensive pool type
  • Liner can rip, tear or stain
  • Liner will need to be replaced over time
  • More prone to structural damage and leakage
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