Pool Covers

Swimming pool cover manufacturers have made a wide range of products to suit the needs of the modern homeowner. Pool covers are available in many different sizes and for various pool shapes. If you can't find one that perfectly fits your pool, many can be custom-made.

Pool covers come in manual varieties that you pull by hand, or automatic varieties that unroll or remove the blanket by simply pressing a button. Some electric pool covers even come with remote controls for convenience. Motorized covers are a lot more expensive compared to their manual counterparts.

When shopping for a pool cover, you have three main options:

Winter covers can be used all year long. They not only reduce water evaporation but will also protect your pool from leaves and branches that can damage or stain any pool.

Safety covers are designed to be strong and protective to ensure children and animals cannot accidentally fall into a pool.

Solar pool covers not only retain the water's heat and minimize the amount of water that will evaporate from the pool, they also increase water temperature by transferring energy from the sun to the water.

Winter pool covers differ from safety covers in that safety covers have superior strength and offer protection by being able to support a heavy weight load. Some manufacturers offer covers that act as safety covers and have the functionality of being used as a winter blanket as well.

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