Pool Decks

Inground and above ground pool decks are available in many beautiful textures, designs and styles. Wood, tiles, stones, or concrete are commonly used for decks around North American swimming pools today.

There are two things to remember when searching for decking material:

  • Swimming pool decks should be safe and to avoid injury they should never be slippery either dry or wet. They should also remain cool enough to walk on after a hot summer day.
  • Pool decks normally require footings that are crucial to the strength and safety of the deck or patio structure.

Swimming pool decks can have one or many levels and can be bold or unassuming, depending on your preferred design. The deck's location is important as it will become a spot frequently used and should be strategically placed to enjoy the scenery while minimizing noise both to and from your neighbors.

To learn more about adding a deck to your backyard pool, check out some of the shopping links at the top of this page.

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