Pool Filters

Pool filters are made for both inground and above ground pools and are designed specifically to work in correlation with different pumps. There are three common types of pool filters found on the market today.

Sand filters quite simply have sand in a pressurized canister that stops debris. They are very popular because they work well and are the most affordable in filter options. The average cost of a sand filter can be between $180 and $450.

Cartridge filters use cartridges that clean the water by trapping dirt in the cartridge. You must clean the cartridge to get rid of the debris. They work well and range in price from $200-$800.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters use powder-coated filter grids that can catch the smallest of particles. They are the most expensive type but are extremely effective. A DE filter's cost ranges from $280-$800.

Some filters needs to be backwashed, which essentially washes out debris from the filter by reversing the stream of water. Similar to a pump, a filter is measured in the amount of water it can circulate in a given amount of time.

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