Pool Floats

Pool floats are available for those that want to lie down or sit on to glide around alone or with others.

Pool rings, loungers, chairs and mattresses in various colors, shapes and sizes await you at many on-line retail outlets.

Pool mats are ideal for those wishing to float around while lying on their back. Many pool mats have a raised pillow while others have an adjustable or removable one for added comfort.

Pool mattresses are often made of pvc (vinyl). Many need to be inflated, although some on the market are made of strong foam that does not need any air. Another version that does not need to be inflated has a sturdy vinyl frame and seating made of very resistant fabric. Some of these vinyl and fabric loungers recline and some have an overhead or canopy attached for better sun protection.

Some air mattresses were specifically designed for those wanting to tan as they feature sun reflectors. To keep you cool on a hot afternoon, there are air mattresses designed similar to small wading pools so that you can sit directly in water as you float around.

Pool rings which are inflatable toys that resemble a bagel are offered in different sizes, colors, and patterns and some are solid in color while others transparent. Some pool rings have handles while others have ropes to hold on to.

Pool chairs can feature comfortable arm and head rests and sometimes even cup holders. There are also pool floats that work as an armchair chair and then quickly fold out to transform to a long lounge chair. If a reclining back is important there are even ones on the market that do just that. Some are even like rocking chairs while others mimic the feel of a hammock.

Inflatable pool floats today can seat one, two or many. Some pool floats are sold with carrying bags and some inflatable versions come with a pump to help inflate it. Pastel colors, solid or transparent colors or nautical stripes are all available style options.

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