Pool Fountains

Swimming pool fountains have many aesthetic benefits that will enhance any pool design. Pool fountains not only offer a dramatic focal point, they create a soothing sound that can turn any yard into your own private oasis.

Pool fountains can either float or be fastened to the pool's wall, although some are incorporated into the pool's design as a built-in addition.

Floating fountains are ideal for pools and easy to install. Typically, they resemble a disc that sprays water upwards. Some floating pool fountains are multi-tiered while others have unique lighting capabilities. Floating fountains have been designed as flowers, angels and even swans. You can even purchase floating fountains that rotate to give the impression the water is "dancing."

Wall-mounted fountains are also popular because they allow you to adjust the height, direction and amount of water sprayed. One fountain on the market is a flower pot that sits by the pool's edge and flows water into the pool. Most floating and wall-mounted systems work in conjunction with the pool's filter system.

In addition, you can purchase custom-built pool fountains with elaborate and unique designs. Custom pool fountains can also be used in conjunction with fiber optic lighting to add extra pizzazz using color for a dazzling nighttime effect.

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