Pool Houses

Pool houses and sheds are not only practical and useful but enhance a pool's design dramatically.

A pool house can provide a place for guests to change and offer a storage location for pool toys and games. As a changing room, you won't have to worry about wet and dirty feet traipsing into your house.

Pool houses vary in size and shape. They can be attached to your house or be erected as a freestanding building. Some people choose to build a pool house with a bathroom, while others design it as a special area for their spa. Other homeowners place furniture in their pool shed to create a cozy seating area. You can have large windows, bright doors, flower boxes and even a porch.

Pool house designs, blueprints and plans can be easily accessed online. Plans can include all dimensions including roof, wall, floor, foundation and structural beam plans as well as different views of the structure. Some even offer a very detailed construction manual with their pool house plans.

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