Pool Ionizers

Swimming pool ionizers are an environmentally friendly and healthy way to clean a pool. They work by discharging metal ions that kill dangerous microorganisms.

Some pool ionizers can be submerged directly in your pool while others work as an external instrument. While ionization systems reduce the amount of chemicals needed, but most still require chemicals to balance the pool and keep it properly sanitized.

Swimming pool ionizers reduce the problems and effects often occurred by swimming pool chemicals, including red sore eyes and dry skin, and they will minimize the smell associated with many chemicals.

Most ionization systems have a cavity that will need to be replaced normally after one year. Be sure to check out the cost of the replacement unit, as some can be expensive!

Upon purchasing a swimming pool ionizer, some pool owners find that they have to use it a lot at the start to bring the ion level up, but after that usage can become less intensive.

Electric ionizers plug into an outlet. Be sure to double check as some of them are not suitable for different types of weather.

Solar ionizers often work by floating around the pool and are great in that they have no extra energy costs. Swimming pool ionization systems often come with testing instruments to allow the homeowner to properly monitor the ion count to ensure the water maintains balance.

Ozone generators are also becoming every increasingly popular. They send ozone into the pool to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Pool ionization systems start at around $200. Although most don't like the cost of the initial investment of an ionizer, many believe that you recoup your money in no time because you reduce the cost of chemicals used in your pool.

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