Pool Pumps

A pool pump is a crucial mechanical device that works in conjunction with the filter to maintain your pool's cleanliness. Pool pumps are offered in a large selection with many different sizes and pumping capabilities. Some are designed for smaller above-ground pools while others are better for inground ones.

A pool pump works by extracting water from the pool, running it through a basket and then a filter to trap debris and dirt. The pump then sends clean water back into the pool. A pump can have one or two speeds and different levels of power.

Every pump has a capability level that lets you know how much water it can circulate. It is important to look at the pump's circulation ability and see how much it can pump either by the minute or by the hour. A good rule to follow is that a residential pool should be able to circulate its entire water contents in 8-10 hours.

Some pool pumps come equipped with a straining basket to catch debris and many have transparent lids to allow you to monitor the basket.

It is important to look into the energy efficiency of the pump as well as the warranty stipulations to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Also, specific pumps are able to work best with different filter types.

A pool pump can cost anywhere between $70 and $500. Above-ground pumps tend to be less expensive than inground models.

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