Pool Safety

Here are a few important pool safety tips to help you ensure that you and your pool stay safe this summer.

  • Ensure the pool has been properly installed using correct techniques and materials and be sure all accessories meet local and national building and safety requirements including slides, diving boards, pool alarms, fences and other enclosures.
  • A pool should include many different barriers to ensure a child or animal cannot get into your pool. Some safety barriers include appropriate fencing, a safety cover and pool alarms.
  • To ensure the pool is clean and bacteria-free, check all water and chemical levels often and rectify as needed.
  • Children should never under any circumstances be left alone in or near spas, pools hot tubs or any place that gathers water. Water should be pumped off existing covers, as they can pose a drowning risk as well.
  • Chemicals should be stored in a place where children cannot access them and should be stored in appropriate places (i.e not next to one another, in certain temperatures etc.) as recommended by your local pool contractor and chemical manufacturer.
  • Chemicals should never be mixed.
  • Ensure when you are dispensing chemicals that you read and follow all appropriate instructions.
  • The appropriate level of sunscreen or sunblock should always be worn when outdoors and should be reapplied as often as necessary.
  • It is very wise to have rescue apparatus and a phone accessible when outside in the pool and it is recommended that pool owners receive proper lifesaving certification.
  • No one should ever run, push or play near a pool or ever hold anyone under the water or jump while others are in the pool.
  • No one should ever swim alone in a pool and it is very dangerous to be in a pool or hot tub while intoxicated.
  • Floating toys are not lifejackets or approved flotation devices and should not be used as such.
  • A person diving should know the proper way to dive and know the water's depth before ever diving into a pool. For a pool owner, a diving board should be installed properly, be the right size and length and should be placed in the right spot.
  • If there is any type of rain or inclement weather forecasted, do not swim or be near a pool.
  • Any type of pool cover should be entirely removed before anyone goes swimming in a pool as being trapped under a partially removed cover is dangerous.
  • Never have glass near a pool, if it breaks it can cause damage to a pool's liner and injure those walking with barefoot.
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