Pool Showers

Pool showers are quickly becoming a must have item. Now more affordable and practical, portable and permanent showers poolside just make sense. They not only ensure that everyone that enters your pool is clean but also will let you wash off after your swim. By getting rid of body oils and makeup before jumping in, the chemicals in your pool will have less to clean.

Portable pool showers that are freestanding have a tall base and post. Some of the bases need to be filled with sand to weigh them down. Other pool showers can be mounted to a wall or even a patio or deck.

Pool showers are not only functional, some of them are so attractive it's like buying a piece of art. Outdoor showers can be found in brass, stainless steel and even wood such as even bamboo and teak. Many pool showers easily attach to your garden hose which makes hook up a breeze. For a more permanent showering option, some have the capability of running off your underground plumbing.

Some feature rotating and extendable shower heads and some have nozzles that easily detach so that you can hold it in your hand. Some also have small bases that you stand on showering. They not only look great, but they also help support the shower and minimize the danger of slippery wet surfaces. Whether you want a pool shower with shelving or baskets for toiletries or multiple valves, you won't run out of options.

Solar pool showers are also offered and they use the sun's energy to heat the water. Some contain the solar equipment and an energy tank within the shower stand - so although practical, they do tend to be significantly bulkier in comparison.

Pool shower cabanas or showers enclosed for privacy can be easily used by your pool. They are also great to take to the beach. Enclosed with vinyl, so that you shower in a tent-like structure these showers can be inflatable or hanging versions.

Inexpensive vinyl pool showers can be purchased for as little as $60, while the more elaborate ones can cost around $1500 - with lots of choices in between.

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