Pool Slides

Everyone remembers the fun of gliding down a slide and making a big splash as you land in the water. Pool slides are not only still a popular pool accessory, they are now offered in a myriad of innovative designs.

Pool slides have been specifically engineered for inground pool and aboveground decking systems, and come in various colors, shapes, slopes, slide lengths and wall heights. Many are offered curving right or left to assist with your deck space and backyard design.

Pool slides are available in the simple white or blue design while others offer them in black or red. Some need to be hooked up to a water and pumping system as they have water flowing down them.

Some pool slides have lower walls, although today you can find ones that have higher walls similar to those found in water parks as well as ones that are completely covered over. Some have subtle bends and slopes and for the very adventurous there are slides fully covered over and shaped like corkscrews with multiple turns.

Pool slides can be made of fiberglass, polyethylene, acrylic and some other strong plastics and some have a strong metal structural support. Ladders can be made of hard plastic to match the slide or constructed of stainless steel. Pools have hand rails that are a very important safety feature.

Pool slides have different age and weight restrictions, so be sure to find a slide that will appropriately accommodate those who want to use it.

Pool slides need to be securely anchored to a specific surface as designated by the manufacturer. Ensure that all precautions are taken upon installation and while using the slide to ensure that those using it are safe.

A pool slide ranges in cost between $600-1,800.

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